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Labelling a Box of Paper Patient Records

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How to label a box for storage:

  • Print clearly on the box or label using black permanent marker.
  • IMPORTANT – Please ensure label is positioned on short side of box (as shown in photo)
  • If organized alphabetically, label alphabetical contents of box: e.g., MacD-Mar for surnames MacDonald to Martindale.
  • If organized by year-last-seen, label date clearly on box: e.g., YLS: 2011.
  • If organized by unique patient I.D., label in alpha/numerical order as applicable
  • If boxed by some other filing protocol, please ensure that patient records are readily retrievable based on the system used.
  • Print box number and total boxes in set: e.g., Box 1 of 30 for first active box of thirty.
  • Indicate if records are part of a set: esp. ACTIVE or INACTIVE.
  • PAEDIATRIC set: if you choose to separate out patients under the age of majority in your province, please indicate this on the box label.(Contact RSRS for further details.)
  • For DECEASED / TRANSFERRED sets please print on box label clearly.
  • Shredding: Any shredding ready to be destroyed, mark box FOR IMMEDIATE DESTRUCTION.

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Call RSRS at 1-888-563-3732, ext. 2, to discuss the best way to organize, box and label your paper medical records for shipment and long term storage.

Photo of properly labelled box of medical records. There are many ways to label a box, depending on the filing system used. This example is labelled alphabetically by name but you can label based on your filing system, (e.g., YLS, Unique I.D., etc.)