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How to request a medical record:

As one of Canada’s largest repositories of medical records, RSRS stores records for physicians, clinics and hospitals and then manages the secure transfer of records to patients, new physicians and authorized third party requestors. To obtain a copy of a medical record, please select the applicable button below:

Request a personal
medical record(s)

My Record(s)

To obtain a copy of your own medical record or the personal record of a family member, select the button above.

Insurance, legal & authorized
third party requestors

If you work for an insurance company, law firm or other third party authorized to request a copy of a medical record, select the button above.

While we do not store every patient record from every closed practice, we are happy to conduct a search.
Please allow two business days for a response.


Top Reasons to Keep a Copy of Your Medical Record

Check out this infographic showing the top reasons to get and keep a copy of your own medical record.

You maintain a file on your mortgage, your insurance, your automobile, your children… Doesn’t it make sense that your own healthcare deserves its own place with you as well?

It’s never a good idea to leave a healthcare professional guessing about your medical history. It is estimated that medical errors are responsible for more than 100,000 deaths in the US and 10,000 deaths in Canada every year. At least 30% of them could have been prevented had the medical record been present and available. At RSRS, we strongly support the proactivity of patients with respect to collaborative management of their own healthcare.

Long gone are the days when patients understood little about their medical conditions. With the advent of the Internet and search engines, patients have more information at their fingertips than ever before.

People who have their medical records live longer because…

  • They ask the right questions
  • They can help a new doctor with the right information
  • They avoid duplicate medical tests by showing the results of previous tests done
  • They are able to correct errors present in their records
  • They have a list of medications they’re taking along with the dosages
  • They can present the details of past illnesses, procedures and exams
  • They can prove they were on a recalled medication in the event of a lawsuit
  • They have instant access to their vaccination and immunization history
  • They can share their history even when they travel
  • They ensure they’ve got a copy long before the information is destroyed or shredded
  • They can track indicators for illnesses and various medical conditions
  • They understand that having access to their medical record is their legal right

While there is a growing adoption of electronic medical records among healthcare providers, making a patient’s medical record available at the place and time it is most needed is another matter – and the healthcare industry is not there yet.  Be proactive. Be engaged.