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Our Medical Practice Closure Clients Speak

In 1997, RSRS was founded as Canada’s first medical records management facility dedicated to closing practices. Over the past 20 years, RSRS has earned the trust and confidence of physicians, clinics and hospitals throughout the country. The following are excerpts of just a few of the countless expressions of appreciation RSRS has received from clients:

I was very fortunate to have contracted with RSRS and highly recommend your company… Your efficiency, courtesy and guidance for my retirement process turned what might have been a dreaded, protracted dilemma into a stress-free opportunity to retire with peace of mind and to leave my patients‘ futures in a safe, efficient transfer process.
A special thank you must go to Pauleen Stewart. Her caring, guidance and efficiency was personal and remarkable.
– Dr. David Henry MD
I chose RSRS based on the positive recommendation of the office staff of a neighbouring doctor who retired a few months before me. The process didn’t take up a lot of my time and everything went smoothly. I’ve been quite pleased with RSRS.
– Dr. G. Wasserman MD
RSRS is well organized. I found it easy to communicate and I found that it was a very professional service in terms of picking up and organizing the charts. At the beginning, some patients wanted their charts copied before the practice was closed and I thought the process ran very smoothly, especially considering the complexity of the task.
– Dr. Patricia Waite MD
With RSRS, the actual retirement process — getting the boxes and the interaction with people — really went quite well. RSRS helped us get things organized. Everything was on time when they said that they were going to come pick it all up. The team at RSRS is very efficient. They know the whole retirement process. RSRS does a good job and I certainly would recommend them to any of my colleagues that are considering retiring.
– Dr. Anu Poldes MD
The reputation of the company was key to my decision to go with RSRS. How long has the company been in business? Were the charts going to be appropriately stored and accessible to patients?
I’ve already recommended RSRS to a colleague.
– Dr. C. Cruickshank MD
I’m so happy with the service. Pauleen’s been very very helpful to us. RSRS really made my life a lot easier and made less work for my husband, which was important because of his illness.
-Cathy Tillotson
wife of Dr. E. Tillotson MD
Working with RSRS was fairly seamless for me …. I would definitely recommend colleagues use RSRS. In our office, we had four of the senior partners retire within a year and we all used your service and I don’t think anybody was unhappy…. RSRS ensures that everything is available to the patients. They’re all about patient care and continuity… up front.
– Dr. Peter Goldfarb MD
There are other companies that I was looking at and prompt response is really important to us. Many just don’t call back and follow through and that makes a huge difference: RSRS called back but not all competitors did that… RSRS took over all the details that needed to be managed. They made it very stress-free.
I recently referred RSRS to one of my colleagues who is working with Pauleen right now to retire.
– Dr. David Apps MD
I was speaking to Pauleen at RSRS. She really calmed me down and she said ‘don’t worry, we’ll take care of your charts.’ The piles were just sitting in front of me and looking at me and she did a wonderful job of calming me down and telling me that things would go all right — and they did…RSRS takes care of everything and that was wonderful because retiring is actually the last stress at the end of the career. It’s like the last big thing.
I’m very happy that the CMA now recommends RSRS to use for retiring physicians. Because they do a pretty good job. I don’t know how RSRS does it, it’s a miracle.
– Dr. Carole Williams MD
It was very easy to deal with RSRS, Pauleen was always available. She always had an answer to my questions. It was very easy to physically move the files to RSRS… RSRS was so excellent that I’ve recommended their services to a lot of other people who are sort of nearing the same phase of their life.
– Penny Blouw
wife of Dr. Richard Blouw MD
The advice, technical assistance and your enduring professionalism proved to be quite valuable in the trying months leading to the final closure.
– Dr. P. Shiu MD
I had a very pleasant experience with RSRS. Pauleen was very very professional and things went very smoothly and I was so glad to get rid of my twenty-six hundred charts. RSRS has been in business for a long long time — for twenty years — and I liked that, that made me happy… that they’ve been around for a while.
– Dr. June Thomson MD
Throughout the process, we found that the experience of dealing with your company was thorough, fair and professional. I would highly recommend your services to any physician, or estate that must concern itself with winding down a medical practice. Full marks!
– Nathan Gudgeon (re: practice of Dr. A. Gudgeon MD)
I wish to thank you for your professional assistance in planning my office closure… also to your very efficient staff who have been extremely courteous in answering our calls and getting my patient records packaged and delivered in a timely manner.
– Dr. Kenneth Loung MD
I was impressed by the efficiency of RSRS and the pleasantness of the people. I talked to Pauleen, and though it was a difficult experience, it actually went very smoothly. My experience with RSRS was excellent and I would highly recommend a doctor using them.
– Dr. A.P. Bowler M.D.
After the cessation of my practice, I can now rest easy that my patient files are stored in a safe and confidential manner, with complete adherence guidelines set by the provincial Colleges of Physicians & Surgeons, and Medical Associations as well as the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA). I’m happy to recommend your organization.
-Dr. Aileen Comerton MD
It’s rare to witness this type of service in any business… I would not think twice about recommending your services to my colleagues who are considering closing their practices.
– Dr. I. San-Marina MD
I found the RSRS staff to be efficient, organized, and pleasant to deal with. Whenever occasional problems did arise, the staff dealt with them well. I have no hesitation in recommending RSRS.
– Dr. Peter Newman MD
You are the gold standard! I was able to successfully wind down the practice…
– Dr. Gerald Brown MD
I was fortunate to have chosen RSRS and I have to congratulate you for the excellent organization you have…. I would also like to thank your staff for their sensitive approach in handling some of my patients who have special needs.
– Dr. N. Blau MD
Although the clinic has sold, it is, nevertheless, very important for my father and I to tell you that we appreciate immensely your patience and knowledge over the last few weeks. Your practical advice was also helpful in guiding us through many unknowns.
– Matthew Fong, son of Dr. George Fong MD

Our Record Scanning Clients Speak

For the past ten years, RSRS has been a Canadian leader in medical record and general document scanning. Our document bureau is outfitted with best-of-breed technologies and proven processes to ensure that the highest-quality scanned and indexed images are fully verified and delivered back to you promptly. Here are a few quotes from customers expressing their appreciation for RSRS’ high standards in customer service and scanning quality:

I appreciate your attention to detail, your understanding of my compliance rules and regulations, I would definitely recommend your services to any of my colleagues looking to lighten their load.
– Dr. Kevin Sliwowicz MD
RSRS has a great professional team to work with. During the transition of scanning, when I needed to access an off premise chart for an insurance report etc, they made sure I could. I highly recommend RSRS for your scanning and storage needs. It was a complete pleasure working with the team.
– Dr Marla Shapiro CCFP, MHSc, FRCP, FCFP, NCMP
The files were scanned very accurately. During the scanning process when we needed a chart, it was only a phone call away–it was immediately transferred to us electronically, password protected, and available for access. I would highly recommend RSRS to any of my colleagues who are looking to make their paper files electronically accessible.
– Dr. Edward Margolin MD
I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent work that your firm, RSRS, has done in the conversion of my patient records to electronic format. I would highly recommend your service to my fellow colleagues who are looking for a professional scanning company with an understanding of medical records, and can provide an excellent service at an excellent price.
– Dr. Mohammed A. Rahman MD

Contact RSRS today to find out more about how we can help you. Call us at 1-888-563-3732, ext 2 or send us a note.