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Off-site Record Storage

Comprehensive archival off-site Record Storage in a secure and fully monitored facility

You gain three ways when you store your records with RSRS. Not only do you save money by removing records from valuable floor-space, you also free-up office space for more productive use.

You also gain precious time: let RSRS search for a file. RSRS will send you a file, or a box of files, when you need to retrieve them.

    • Store paper with RSRS and we’ll scan and send you files when you need them.
    • Fully secured, fully monitored, environmentally-controlled facility.
    • Retrieval and refile services by the box or by the file.
    • Scan-on-demand
    • Rush retrievals
    • Fax on demand
    • No “hostage” fees
    • Scheduled destruction – on your timetable
    • RSRS is committed to client confidentiality

Now is the perfect time to let RSRS work out a retention and destruction schedule for your documents. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your records are being kept safe and secure in a fully monitored facility.

RSRS can help you evaluate your document storage and retrieval requirements and recommend a solution for your organization. Contact RSRS today at 1‑888‑563‑3732, Ext 2 or email info@rsrs.com.

Paper files can be scanned to a digital copy.
Need a stored file? RSRS offers “scan‑on‑demand.”

Canada’s Only Physician Managed Records Facility

Why Choose RSRS?

Storing old patient records in your basement risks water damage, mold and bugs. Storing old patient records in self-storage risks environmental damage and there’s no one to help you at the self-storage facility when a patient, hospital, attorney or other third party calls you for a copy of a file.

Storing old electronic records requires regular upkeep. Self-storing electronic patient records risks losing access to data due to upgrades in software, loss of software licence, outdated equipment failure and loss of data integrity.

As medical record specialists, RSRS is the only physician managed record storage facility in Canada. RSRS will store and maintain accessibility for your paper and electronic records in a secure, temperature controlled environment for the entire term.

And throughout the retention period, RSRS will notify your patients and facilitate authorized record transfers. You won’t have to lift a finger to comply with all the guidelines set forth by your provincial college and medical association – RSRS takes care of everything. We’ll even shred your records on the schedule you approve.

When personal medical records are found in an abandoned office building, Ontario’s privacy commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, turned to RSRS for their expertise in securing medical records helping patients access their medical histories