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Manage Documents and Workflow

Increase your firm’s productivity and compliance with solutions that help you receive, secure, process, store and retrieve information – on paper and on computer. Not only does RSRS provide secure record storage, and document scanning services, we also offer enterprise content management (ECM), workflow solutions, and e-form solutions to help you increase productivity and reduce costs.

Our services include solutions for the healthcare industry, the insurance industry, for lawyers and law firms, accounts payable departments, and human resources departments; and ECM solutions facilitate and improve corporate compliance and accountability for businesses in every industry.

RSRS can help you evaluate your document management requirements and recommend a solution for your organization. Contact RSRS today at 1‑888‑563‑3732, Ext 2 or email info@rsrs.com.


Enterprise Content Management

Capture, store, preserve and deliver your organization’s information & documents with Enterprise Content Management.

Achieve your business goals with RSRS’ comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. RSRS provides customized solutions that reduce your information management costs, enhance security and compliance, and simplify disaster recovery.

Document management is all about the life cycle of the documents within your organization: how they’re created, retrieved, used, shared and retained. Document management can be loosely or tightly controlled within an organization. Ease of access and ease of sharing are two key factors which can be varied by means of a document management system.

  • Securely manage information to improve collaboration and business efficiency
  • Scan, index and organize paper documents to simplify management
    (outsource scanning to RSRS or have an RSRS consultant help you set up your scanners)
  • Store and index email messages for easy search and retrieval
  • Workflow – Automate document routing to streamline business processes
  • Manage content on-site or “in the cloud” for anytime/anywhere access
  • Electronic Report Management – Convert print streams and mainframe data into practical electronic reports

A well-designed document management system makes access and sharing easy while reinforcing security and permission measures. It facilitates knowledge within an organization and assists in meeting an organization’s compliance requirements.

RSRS can help you evaluate your Enterprise Content Management requirements and recommend a solution for your organization. Contact RSRS today at 1‑888‑563‑3732, Ext 2 or write to info@rsrs.com.

Enterprise Content Management
Enterprise Content Management
Manage business processes through defined workflows that securely automate, monitor and accelerate business processes, improve productivity and provide essential business knowledge to users within your ECM framework.

Business Workflow

Automate Document Routing to Streamline Business Processes.

To stay competitive, your organization strives to optimize your internal workflows. Document workflow is defined as the movement of your document through its lifecycle and “activities”. Business workflow software can help you manage and execute business operations more efficiently and effectively by automatically routing paper and digital documents, alerting users of pending work assignments and tracking activity.

  • Improve process efficiency through intelligent routing and queuing
  • Keep tight control over incoming mail and paper documents
  • Decrease document processing time
  • Continually updated document status reports identify
  • Who has a document
  • Where it is in the business process
  • Process inefficiencies and bottlenecks
  • Control business processes from the office or via the internet or through email
  • Respond to customer requests quickly with prioritized work queues and time-sensitive alerts
  • Give customers instant answers by electronically viewing the status of their documents from your desktop
  • Provide documented evidence of compliant security procedures with detailed audit reports
  • Monitor compliance by tracking live document progress with continually updated activity reports
  • Alerts identify stalled documents, ensuring proper procedures are completed on time

RSRS can help you evaluate your business workflow requirements and recommend a solution for your organization. Contact RSRS today at 1‑888‑563‑3732, Ext 2 or write to info@rsrs.com.

A single paper form can cost an organization $30-$165 to use, process and enter – and 85% of business processes rely on forms! Reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve customer service with E-Forms.

Save time and money with E-Forms.

According to the Gartner Group, a single paper form can cost an organization $30-$165 to use, process and enter – and 85% of business processes rely on forms. That adds up to a lot of money when you consider how many forms you use and how often they’re filled out.

Consider the productivity your employees will regain when information isn’t being collected on paper and then repeatedly entered into one or more systems. Paper can get lost or misplaced, which means lost opportunities and lost customer privacy.

Unlike paper forms, e-forms can respond to the roles and responsibilities of the different participants of the process, and automate much of the routing and decision-making involved in processing the form. A single form can be accessed by multiple users with a complete history of who made changes and when. The collected data of all of your forms is available in real-time, so you can generate summary reports, invoices and track hours on an up-to-the-minute basis.

  • Automated forms speed up approval processes
  • Workflow routing
  • Sales orders, vacation requests, expense reports, etc. can be routed between people, with audit trails and acknowledgements
  • Surveys/questionnaires are automatically entered into a workflow — to trigger fast follow up responses
  • Usable on desktop, Web or mobile devices
  • Forms are built with simple to use tools and can import previous versions of forms, including HTML forms
  • Automatically generate index values from information entered by the user
  • Include text fields, drop-down fields, hyperlinks, signatures, and CAPTCHA
  • Make forms available on a public site or for internal use only

RSRS can help you convert your expensive paper forms into electronic, web-based forms that are more efficient and more secure. Not only will you spend less time manually entering information and improve information control, you’ll also save money by eliminating costs associated with sharing, printing and storing paper forms.

You, your staff and your customers will profit from the efficiency, control and money savings you can achieve with e-forms developed as part of a complete document management system from RSRS.  To get started, contact RSRS today at 1‑888‑563‑3732, Ext 2 or write to info@rsrs.com.

Document Management through Eforms
Property and Casualty (P & C), Life and Health, and Group Insurance Benefits Organizations improve customer service, increase productivity, and simplify regulatory compliance with electronic document management solutions.

Document Management and Scanning for Insurance Companies

The records management requirements of an insurance company demand high-volume scanning capability, the best image quality, custom-indexing and compatibility with your networks and systems.

Insurance is known for its paper-based processes. With RSRS scanning solutions, our insurance clients are able to automate the capture and conversion of vital paper-based information relating to:

  • Correspondence and client service
  • Claims (medical, dental, drug, auto, life and property)
  • New business applications
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Archive scanning
  • Indexation of documents

Contact RSRS for:

  • Expedited workflow and processing times
  • Reduced exceptions handling
  • Exceptional return on investment
  • Reduced storage expense

RSRS can help you evaluate your document management requirements and recommend a solution customized for your organization. Contact RSRS today at 1‑888‑563‑3732, Ext 2 or write to info@rsrs.com.

Insurance Worker in cubicle before and after implementation of Document Management

Document Management and Scanning for Law Firms

You need ready access to critical legal documents and the ability to find the document you need, immediately. RSRS legal document management services give you the edge – securely and cost effectively.

RSRS provides digital scanning and management of your affidavits, briefs, contracts, disclosures and other documents for use with case information and analysis software.

  • RSRS works with you to develop a project-plan to set guidelines for case-specific requirements
  • Manage both paper documents and documents originating from digital sources
  • Paper documents are scanned and indexed into your preferred format (e.g., PDF, TIF, etc.)
  • Search by name, case # or keyword within scanned documents (optical character recognition (OCR) included)
  • Documents are carefully divided into main files, attachments, attached notes and other sub–components.
  • Access documents through a database tailored to the requirements of your case(s)
  • Documents are compatible with most popular case litigation and database software like LexisNexis, Concordance/Opticon/CaseMap®, Primafact®, Summation LG®, WORLDOX®, TrialDirector®, etc.
  • Remotely accessible documents are compatible with all commonly used laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Document reproduction, assembly and finishing services tailored to the requirements of your case.
  • Tight security to ensure confidentiality and NDA enforcement
  • Day-forward scanning services of new material for ongoing cases
  • Long term file storage for secure off-site backup and on-demand file retrieval
  • Also available: subjective & objective in-text coding and e-discovery services based on your strategies.
  • After scanning, your paper documents are restored to their original bindings, groupings, etc.

RSRS can help you evaluate your document management requirements and recommend a solution customized for your law firm. Contact RSRS today at 1‑888‑563‑3732, Ext 2 or write to info@rsrs.com.

With RSRS scanning, document management & workflow solutions for accounting departments, your time-consuming manual paper-intensive processes become automated — and saving time means saving money!

Accounts Payable & Invoice Automation

From purchase through payment, capture paper and electronic invoices, eliminate data entry delays and improve workflows with Accounts Payable & Invoice Automation

An automated workflow, customized to your business practices, speeds-up AP processing and improves accuracy. Scan and automatically route invoices, purchase orders, shipping/receiving documents, cancelled cheques and correspondence. Document management software notifies A/P clerks automatically, and invoices can be instantly accessed by authorized personnel so approval processes go smoothly.

  • Integrate with virtually any financial system or ERP application
  • Rapid data capture through OCR, reducing labour costs
  • Route invoices through GL coding and approval automatically
  • Eliminate data entry delays through automatic line item validation
  • Eliminate lost, misplaced, and duplicate invoices
  • Eliminate paper-based bottlenecks
  • Reduce late payment penalties
  • Improve auditing and reporting of expense reports
  • Improve cash management and other business decisions with up-to-the-minute data

RSRS can help you evaluate your accounts payable and invoice automation requirements and recommend a solution for your organization. Contact RSRS today at 1‑888‑563‑3732, Ext 2 or write to info@rsrs.com.

Match paper invoice to computer invoice

Auto-balance and match line items to purchase orders.

Prevent Late Payment of Invoices

Prevent late‑payment penalties and capture early‑payment discounts.

To achieve full compliance and accountability, processes and records must be in full check. By managing all data in a single searchable system, you can monitor and control compliance.

Corporate Compliance and Accountability

A good corporate compliance program helps reinforce the boundaries of permissible conduct. In Canada, courts have recognized a credible and effective compliance program as a mitigating factor when assessing remedies in the event of a breach of regulations.

The improved monitoring, auditing and reporting provided through Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can help your company prevent and detect contraventions and high risk conduct. An ECM can help educate staff and enable compliant corporate processes through a well-managed and well-documented workflow.

With ECM, your organization can index, store and manage corporate documents electronically. ECM can integrate multiple data systems, automate document routing and store email messages for easy retrieval. By managing all data in a single searchable system, you can improve efficiency, monitor and control compliance and save money.

  • Monitor business activities continuously or periodically, as appropriate, to ensure compliance
  • Control access and monitor the activity of employees who are exposed to a heightened risk
  • Plan and conduct audits: review of email, scanned paper and digital files of staff who are in a position to engage in, or be exposed to, conduct in a potential breach
  • Immediately control access to stop any contravention of regulations
  • Enable a confidential reporting procedure (for instance, inform the compliance officer, and through that position the board of directors, when an incident occurs and report to legal counsel);
  • Document all compliance efforts (in order to show due diligence) in the event that a breach occurs
  • Link related documents to any order-invoice transaction
  • Deliver requested documents when requested
  • Keep a complete audit trail with all notes regarding any document.
  • Track customer invoices, purchase orders, proposals, contracts, agreements, and proof of delivery.
  • No more mail and paper handling. No more paper filing.
  • No more lost documents.
  • Improve the quality of the data and the usability of the data for reports.
  • Link all related documents to a payment transaction.
  • Assume control over payment records and manage document retention.

RSRS can help you design a document management solution that improves your corporate compliance and accountability. Contact RSRS today at 1‑888‑563‑3732, Ext 2 or write to info@rsrs.com.

Corporate Compliance and Accountability
Meet the challenge of employee & applicant document retention requirements and high employee turnover rates with a single, comprehensive and easy-to-use HR records management system.

Human Resources Records Management

Considering the complexity involved in recruiting, developing and compensating a productive workforce, effective management of paper and electronic documents is an essential strategy for your Human Resources Department.

With the ever increasing need to protect employee records and the volume of paper generated in most HR departments, document imaging and control solutions improve productivity and protection for your enterprise. By replacing paper-intensive processes, RSRS helps your organization to increase efficiency, enhance compliance initiatives and reduce costs.

  • Protect employee records in a safe, secure hosted application for archival storage and management
  • Eliminate paper, lost and misplaced documents, manual filing, storage costs and paper-related bottlenecks
  • Scan and index current and terminated employee records and add detailed document type classification for each item
  • Access to a complete, centralized digital employee record, including scanned images, M/S Office files, e-forms and other important documents from any location
  • Full text search capability (e.g., cover letters, resumes)
  • Manage your document retention schedules for purging files
  • Integration with your current HRIS system
  • Easily move documents throughout the enterprise
  • Secure company assets and decrease litigation opportunities
  • Ensure regulatory compliance for records management
  • Configure workflow to automate document-centric HR processes including recruitment and selection, TD1 records, family medical leave and paid time off requests, credential renewals, performance evaluations, compensation changes, Workers Compensation claims and more
  • Comprehensive audit trail

RSRS can help you evaluate your HR department’s record management requirements and recommend an HR records management solution for your organization. Contact RSRS today at 1-888-563-3732, Ext 2 or write to info@rsrs.com.

HR Records Management
Digitech Systems PaperVision Enterprise is a simple, searchable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that enables automation and tracking of business processes throughout the information lifecycle.

Digitech Systems’ PaperVision® Enterprise

Securely manage information on-premises to improve business efficiency.

The document management consultants at RSRS recommend and deploy Digitech Systems PaperVision Enterprise when you need to control access to information and increase information security. PaperVision Enterprise is a simple, searchable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that enables automation and tracking of business processes throughout the information lifecycle.

Improve Business Processes

  • Reduce information retrieval times and enhance customer service with comprehensive ECM.
  • Access and manage files directly from Microsoft® Office and other line-of-business applications.
  • Give employees more time to focus on primary business objectives by automating document processes, including collecting information directly from electronic forms.

Protect Information from Theft and Disaster

  • Implement information policies with multiple levels of security and extensive user controls.
  • Shield information with encryption both during transmission and when stored.
  • Facilitate a disaster recovery strategy with automated backups and redundant copies of information.

Comply with Regulations and Electronic Discovery Guidelines

  • Ensure proper procedures are carried out by automating compliance processes and tracking activity.
  • Enforce compliant disclosures by requiring users to record who received information and why.
  • Gain regulatory confidence with evidence of audit trails, security controls, user activity, document history and records retention policies.

How might PaperVision Enterprise help you? If your staff is drowning in a sea of unorganized files and documents, watch this quick video to see how PaperVision Enterprise will bring you efficiency, control and savings: http://youtu.be/aJ7sgJOibBo

Digitech Systems ECM Suite

ExtendPaperVision Enterprise with Digitech Systems’ complete ECM Suite, including email management, automated document workflow, and print stream processing, placing critical business information securely in the hands of users the instant it is needed.

PaperFlow – Scan, index and organize documents to simplify management

PaperVision® Message Manager – Store and index email messages for easy retrieval

PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow – Automate document routing to streamline business processes

PaperVision® Enterprise Report Management – Convert print streams and COLD/ERM data into practical electronic reports

Get any document, anywhere, anytime!

With Digitech Systems ECM Suite, RSRS document management consulting services can help you reduce information management costs, enhance security and compliance, and simplify disaster recovery.

To assess whether Digitech Systems ECM Suite is right for your organization’s requirements, contact RSRS at 1-888-563-3732, Ext 2 or email info@rsrs.com.

Digitech Systems Logo
Celebrating 19 Years Digitech Systems
Check out this (PDF) infographic
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about ECM Suite (5.7Mb):

Click to open PDF about Digitech Systems ECM Suite
At RSRS, we offer consulting services to monitor your document workflow and then suggest the appropriate document software and hardware to assist you in the automation of your business processes to improve productivity and reduce costs.

RSRS Document Management Consultation

An improved document management strategy benefits organizations in:

  • Accounting
  • Agribusiness
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-profit
  • Oil & Gas
  • and all the rest!

No matter what industry you’re in, RSRS document management solutions bring better efficiency, more control and measurable savings to your document and filing processes.

Write to info@rsrs.com or call 1-888-563-3732, ext 2 to improve document management in your organization.

RSRS Consulting Services