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Estimating the Number of Boxes

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Rule of Thumb

Paper records are shipped and stored in heavy-duty bankers boxes (12″ x 15″ x 10″), sold at places like Costco or Staples and available from RSRS. It helps to estimate the number of bankers boxes you’ll need.

Since a standard bankers box is 15-inches wide and a human hand must be able to fit into the gap in order to remove records, each box holds 14-inches (36 cm) of (letter-sized*) medical folders.

Whether on the shelf or in drawers, every 14-inches of medical records equals one box of records.


If you add up the measured length of all your medical records and divide by 14-inches (or 36-centimetres), you will get a close approximation of the number of bankers boxes to be shipped to RSRS.

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* For legal-sized folders use 11-inches (28cm) per box as the rule of thumb