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Medical Practice Closure

Since 1997, RSRS has provided doctors in London and Southwestern Ontario with complete medical practice closure assistance, typically at NO CHARGE.* Whether your plans are imminent or you’re inquiring for the future, one of our experienced team members will work with you to put the proper timelines in place. Contact us now.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Notification to patients and colleagues
  • Customized Web page with message to patients, form & links
  • Bankers boxes and packing assistance
  • EMR record extraction
  • Secure, compliant storage for full term
  • Patient & 3rd party record transfers
  • Secure shredding
  • Patient placement
  • Assistance with the sale and donation of used medical equipment

Plan early and save.  Contact RSRS today at 1‑888‑563‑3732, Ext 2 or email info@rsrs.com.

Physician Retirement

RSRS was the first organization to bring Practice Closure assistance to Southwestern Ontario. Having worked with more than 1,000 retiring physicians. RSRS brings the experience and know-how to tend to all the details. We start by understanding the practice, your staff, patients and requirements. We then map out a comprehensive plan to ensure that nothing is left to chance. Call us today to learn more at 1-888-563-3732 Ext. 2.

Physician Relocation

Moving within the city of London? Moving to another city in Canada? Relocating yourself to practice elsewhere can be a delicate process. It involves winding down one practice while setting up another. Are the patients moving with you or not? What is being communicated to them? Who will tend to them? Where are the records going? RSRS has worked with relocating doctors in many different scenarios. Test our experience. Call us today to learn how we bring calm and order to the process of physician and practice relocation. 1-888-563-3732 Ext. 2

Physician Estates

The obligations placed on a retiring physician also apply to the physician’s estate: secure storage for the records (for up to 28 years); access of information for patients and new doctors; timely destruction of confidential information; and more. RSRS provides a complete service to physician estates in Ontario, helping to alleviate the additional burden of practice wind-down obligations on a grieving widow or widower. We also offer a pre-planning service for physicians who wish to proactively ensure that their estates and loved ones are not saddled with unnecessary burdens.

Call us today for more information at 1‑888‑563‑3732, Ext 2 or email info@rsrs.com.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Practice Closure

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What parts of Southwestern Ontario do you service?

We assist medical practices across Canada and offer nationwide courier, same-day courier (where available), faxing and emailing services. Think of RSRS as an extension of the physician’s office for the retrieval of files.

What services does RSRS provide for closing practices?

RSRS will assist physicians with the preparation of their records for storage, barcode them for error-free identification, deliver them to our records center and then manage the records on their behalf from that point on. RSRS can provide patient notification, authorized 3rd party transfers, assistance with equipment sale/donation, and patient placement assistance.

What services does RSRS provide to active physicians?

We have developed a comprehensive medical record scanning solution for paperless practice. Whether physicians are moving to EMR, clearing out paper, or looking for a digital alternative to EMR, RSRS can scan paper records and provide accessibility. Within seconds, doctors can locate a record by patient name; find test results from years ago, or scan a patient record for any medical term. RSRS offers DAY-FORWARD SCANNING for busy practices. We index the paper for EMR and then upload the scans directly to the EMR in a manner which is consistent with the office’s workflow.

What services will you provide to my patients?

The patient has a right to full access and the surety that their personal information remains confidential. We provide proper notification to active patients, and we also have a patient services centre with agents to assist with information. We offer 3 options for medical record format (paper, secure download, encrypted CD). Our patient transfer fees are non-prohibitive. Most importantly, we never make the fee for medical record copies a barrier to receiving the file.

What else sets RSRS apart?

RSRS is a member in good standing of the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) and the American Records Management Association (ARMA). RSRS operates in complete adherence to the rules, regulations and recommendations as they apply to the privacy, access and destruction of private and corporate information, with complete adherence to the guidelines set out by PIPEDA. RSRS also works in full compliance with the guidelines set by the provincial Colleges of Physicians & Surgeons and Medical Associations as well as the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA). RSRS is the only physician-managed health records company in Canada and has been consulting in medical document management projects for 19 years.

Will RSRS destroy records at the end of their retention period?

Destruction of records takes place automatically based on a pre-arranged schedule or by request yearly. We can assist in setting up a records retention schedule, reducing doctor liability.

How securely will patient records be stored?

At RSRS, physicians can rest easy knowing that their files will be stored in a safe and confidential manner. Banker’s boxes will be bar-coded and stored in our environmentally controlled facility which is monitored 24 / 7. RSRS conducts a vigorous investigation of each prospective employee, including background, police check and work history.

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