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How can we help?

At RSRS we strive to reply to your inquiries as quickly as possible. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have experienced unprecedented levels of patient record requests. In recent months, operational restrictions and the influx of records from closing medical practices have taxed our people and processes.

We are now upgrading our Patient Support system. We apologize if you have asked for help and not yet heard from us.

Here are your options:

1. Please review the FAQs for quick answers to your questions.

2. Click here to Request a Record. Please note that unless otherwise arranged (e.g., urgent requests), requests for medical record copies can take from 4 to 6 weeks from the time your original physician sends us your files, assuming you have already authorized its release.

3. Click here to retrieve the passcode if you have a USB flash drive containing a medical record(s) from RSRS.

4. If you have already requested your file and still have questions, please complete this detailed form. For urgent matters that require immediate attention, please select Urgent as the Priority.

5. You may also telephone 1-888-563-3732, Ext. 205 to leave a message for a member of our Patient Support team.

RSRS operates Canada-wide.

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Our head office and mailing address is:


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Tel: 1-888-563-3732

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