Patient Records

RSRS is one of Canada’s largest repositories of medical records.  Storing records for physicians, clinics and hospitals, RSRS also manages the secure transfer of records to patients, new physicians and authorized 3rd parties.

To learn why it is important to obtain and keep a copy of your medical record, click here.

To enquire about the availability of your own personal record, kindly read the information below and then click on the blue box to the right when you’re ready to proceed.  While we do not store every patient record from every closed practice, we are happy to check for yours. Please allow 2 business days for a response.


  1. A Release of Information Form must be completed and signed prior to the release of any medical information. If you do not have one, we will supply you with one.
  2. You are entitled to a COPY of your patient record.  The original record is the property of the physician and must be retained in storage for a period of time, afterwhich it is shredded.
  3. Each patient of legal age or older must sign for the release of his/her own record.
  4. There is a fee for the transfer of medical information. The fee is set in accordance with guidelines. The fee is not prohibitive and records are not withheld once properly authorized for release.

To obtain a copy of your medical record, click here.

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