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How Do Retired Doctors (Re)define Themselves?
A Valuable Life-Planning Checklist

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A Valuable Life-Planning Checklist

When physicians have, for decades, defined their identities by what they do for a living, when they retire and are no longer that, what are they?

“Closing your practice isn’t just about an ending — there’s a new beginning waiting for you. But it will call for careful planning to ensure your next stage of life fulfills you and meets your needs,” says Eileen Chadnick, certified work+life coach at Toronto-based Big Cheese Coaching, who offers the following valuable life-planning checklist:

  1. Create your version of retirement by doing your homework and getting to know yourself all over again. What are your values, priorities, aspirations, strengths and needs?
    Photo of Eileen Chadnick of Big Cheese Coaching

    Eileen Chadnick

  2. Retiring a practice doesn’t mean you have to retire from work. You may opt to include work, in some capacity, in your next stage of life. (For more tips on this, visit previous RSRS blogs.)
  3. How will you replace some of the good stuff of work — intellectual engagement, challenge and growth opportunities?
  4. If you’re not getting the social interaction you had in your work, how will you stay connected?
  5. How much structure do you want and need in your days?
  6. What do you need to stay motivated, inspired and engaged?
  7. What do you need to stay healthy, vibrant and resilient?
  8. What are your learning goals in the next few years? Learning can be a fuelling activity, and don’t mistake retirement for a time to completely rest. Find ways to grow, learn and be inspired.
  9. What values, passions, aspirations need to come to the fore now that you have more time? Retirement doesn’t mean ‘stop living.’
  10. Consider hiring a professional coach who can help you explore your options, core values, aspirations and other key considerations.

You can find out more about Eileen Chadnick and Big Cheese Coaching’s services at BigCheeseCoaching.com.

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Financial & Estate Guide

With over 18 years of experience, RSRS has assisted physicians in every province with the closure, sale and overall transition of their practices along with the migration of the patients to new practices.

For physicians contemplating future retirement, RSRS offers a useful Financial and Estate Planning Guide, available for free download.